Heart for Hospitality

I have always had a heart for hospitality.

My four-year-old daughter also has a heart for hospitality, and she’s a natural.  Here’s the table she set for us…


My experience with hospitality is a lot like this blog post.  I so want to give you something worth reading–enjoyable, satisfying, useful even–that I go over and over again editing and contemplating until it almost never gets put out there.

Sometimes I get into a mode of focusing on what is less important long enough that what is more important never gets done.

My husband and I have been married for almost ten years.  And we have always lived in houses while working on them.  This has been my main reason for not inviting people over to our home–I want my home to be warm and inviting for them and not a disorganized construction zone.  My hubby’s doing his part, now this homemaker needs to do hers.

What makes hospitality is the same thing that makes a house a home.

It is silly, looking back, that I have worried that people would not feel welcomed or comfortable in our home until our to-do list gets done.  This is our home.  And if we can love and laugh and make joyful memories here, then why can’t we invite others to do the same?

True hospitality is an expression of love, and it is that, not the location, which envelopes our friends and family.  When grace is at the center of your home, you can be hospitable.  Truly, hospitality without grace is just flattery.

Hospitality makes me want to come over.  Whether you have tea or just water, a couch or just a corner of the floor with crawling babies, hospitality doesn’t wait–hospitality makes room.

Can you identify one thing about the most hospitable person (or people) you know that makes you feel so warm and welcomed?  Does your neighbor bring over homemade treats?  Does your friend cuddle up in a chair with woolen socks and hot tea just to listen to you talk?  Please share!

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