Feeding Babies: Best Store-Bought Baby Food

Buying ready-made baby food is not a necessity unless for some reason your life makes it a necessity.  But just because something isn’t a must-have doesn’t mean we can’t use it now and then or even choose it for a season.

I am perfectly capable of making baby food (as are you!), but I have thus far been feeding my now seven-month-old primarily from the selection of Earth’s Best Organic baby food along with egg yolks, a couple of mashed dinner veggies, and organic apple sauce.  Note: I do not buy apple sauce under the “baby food” label because it is the same thing but more expensive!

We will talk more about making your own baby food in another post.  But for now, I wanted to talk about the best store-bought baby food I have ever tried.  Because, really, if I don’t like the taste of the food (or can’t even recognize that the peas taste like peas, regardless of whether or not I like peas), why would I give it to someone else, like, my child?  Can’t I give my tender baby for whom I would give anything something that doesn’t repulse me?

I don’t know why it has become the norm for parents to gag at the smell of an opened jar of baby food and say it’s nasty because, well, it’s “baby” food.  On a recent outing, I was in need of baby food and stopped in at Safeway for a jar of peas for my baby.  Being out of Earth’s Best First Peas, I quickly grabbed the next-best-looking thing (it said “organic”) and headed to where we had to be.  Once there, baby wouldn’t eat it.  My son (3) asked for a taste, then quietly remarked, “ugh, it mates me want to pit it out”.  So I tried it, and it was… unappealing, to be polite.

So is there a baby food that doesn’t taste or smell like “baby food” as we have come to know it?  YES!  In my current opinion, Earth’s Best makes the most wholesome, organic, REAL baby food on the store shelves.  Their organic baby food tastes fresh, ripe, unadulterated, and healthy like the rest of the food we try to consume daily.

Babies are sweet and delicate, but they are still people.  Delight them not with sweets and treats, but with the deliciousness of the real food God created.  Excite their palates!  Expand their food curiosity through joyous eating.

At my favorite store, Vitacost, the 2.5oz “Stage 1” jars, perfect for a new eater, are $0.89.  The 4oz “Stage 2” jars are $1.29/each.  I can occasionally find Stage 2 at Safeway or Target on-sale for under $1.00.  If the cost seems steep, we’ll cover that in another post.  Until then, reflect on a few areas you may be able to cut back so your baby can grow a healthy taste for food.  Do you buy five espressos a month?  There’s your baby food budget!

Happy feeding!

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Earth’s Best, nor was I paid to review this product.  I just wanted to share my mommy experience and helpful products!

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