Romance Your Man With Minestrone (Easy!)

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Valentines Day is approaching, and if you are planning a date night at home, or you would really like to plan a date night, period, a delicious and easy-to-make recipe is a must!

I have three small children at my apron-strings (ages 5, 3, and 8 months), so any preparations need to work around constant interruptions.  Also, my  husband would much rather have a simple meal with a cheerful wife, than a fancy meal with a pots-and-pans strewn house and frazzled family members greeting him at the door.  (Oh I love him!)

Frequent date nights out are not a reality in our home because of the season of life we are in, but we date continually.   We have our own time after the children go to bed and we don’t go a week without at least a couple of these times together.  On special occasions I try to be more intentional.  Day-in and day-out, our children know their parents love each other because we make an effort to scoot the kids aside so mom and dad can share a warm hug and kiss.  Our marriage is important.

Now for a recipe you can prepare around children, with a cheerful heart, to be ready hot and delicious when your husband walks in the door.  Maybe this Valentines Day, you can serve the children early and save dinner with him until some candles can be lit.

Happy Valentines Day!

minestrone copy

This recipe is easy for our family, and I’ll explain why

  1. All of the effort is in chopping vegetables, which only takes about 15 minutes and can be done at any length ahead of time (hours, days, or even a week if need-be).  I often will chop up everything and put the chopped and frozen veggies in a bowl covered by plastic wrap in the fridge until I’m ready to cook.
  2. The actual cooking only takes 40 minutes at the most.
  3. The recipe doubles (and quadruples) easily.
  4. The recipe freezes exceptionally well.
  5. The recipe is extremely adaptable.  As long as the seasonings are there, many of the ingredients can be left out if I simply don’t have them on-hand.
  6. My husband and children love it =)

Melissa’s Minestrone



  1. In an 8-qt. stockpot, heat coconut oil over medium heat.  Cook onions for a couple of minutes, until translucent.
  2. Add ground beef and cook until browned.
  3. Add all other ingredients and cook 30 minutes, give or take, until vegetables are tender.
  4. Enjoy! =)  Extra may be frozen or saved as leftovers; it only gets better the next day!

 If you have tried this recipe, would you care to leave a comment and let me know how it went?        I would love to hear about it!

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