Five-Minute Friday

Lisa-Jo Baker’s prompt was the word “small”.  Being a mother of three, I almost need to say “don’t get me started on the word small!”  I have too many blessings in small packages to name!  I will try to restrain myself =)

I’m staying up late just to write this post.  I figure it’s better to stay up Thursday night than to stare at a screen for five minutes Friday morning when my kids are awake.  Five minutes might seem like small potatoes to us grown-ups, but to the five-and-under crowd, it’s all about the small things…

Staying up late the night before Valentine’s to cut out red paper hearts to surprise my daughter.  I scrounged up some old ribbon (from someone’s bridal shower) and tiny play clothes-pins (from another’s baby shower before any of mine were even a pea in the pod).  Then I found some thumb tacks and hung the long strands of love-cut hearts in the two archways of our home.  Princess woke up early, beaming.

Daddy took princess out to dinner on Valentine’s Day.  I wish I could have caught on camera her bashful, beaming smile when she saw the dress shirt and pants I handed to daddy, which he only wore on very special occasions.

I remembered Rachel Jankovic’s words, and my purpose for this blog… heavy branches.  Bearing fruit.  Even if that means staying up all night cutting out paper hearts.  Doing little (or majorly time-consuming) things to bless others.

Small gestures with big thoughts behind them.

Small things like making bread.  My daughter’s been asking for weeks “When will we make bread?”  But I haven’t made any in so long, I had forgotten that it’s really not that big of a burden.  In fact, I noticed something the day we made bread together, and I stopped to think about it the next time we made bread together just a few days later.  My children sit patiently and wait, regardless of how long it takes me to prep, when they know I’m going to do one small thing that they have really been wanting to do.

So I have a challenge for you–something I began over a year ago and have been inconsistent about myself since but will tomorrow morning pick back up again.  Print out this month’s calendar, and next month’s calendar (and so on), and each day purpose to fill in one small thing (or one big thing!) that you did to make that day worthwhile.  Granted, loving, feeding, and caring for your family makes the day worthwhile, but I’m talking about that little extra thing.  My old calendar has things like, “let kids stay up to see stars”, “had a picnic in the grass”, “met daddy for lunch”, and “read books together”.

Speaking of small, how can such a small, eight-month-old person have such a big voice?

And how can that same, small person have such a big impact on my life?

And how can a small, three-year-old boy, have so much love for God?  “Mommy, when will I go to heaven?” “Why do you want to go to heaven?” “because I love God”

Happy Friday!

Five Minute Friday

6 thoughts on “Five-Minute Friday

  1. Your kids sound adorable. I think it’s absolutely lovely how you made Valentines Day so special for them! Small things, big impact indeed :]

    Definitely going to try the calendar challenge – thank you for sharing! ❤

  2. Visiting from FMF…isn’t it amazing how much of a difference those small actions can make to those little ones? Those are the little things they’ll remember and cherish years from now!

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