And I Linger…



I used to dwell on many things that to Eternity hardly matter,

But now I sing a different tune, and instead now I linger.

The days are long and there’s work to be done

But God’s graces abound, and I linger.


Like the day I could hardly stay awake

Reading to the kids when it came

A breeze blowing through smelling sweet and cool

Across my face, through my hair, and I lingered.


Or tonight when the baby fell asleep late

And I carried her into her bed

But on the way, my feet did stay

I held her close, and I lingered


Many a time life is just so busy

That my husband’s kisses end too quickly

But then out of the blue,

He’ll whisper “I love you”

And for a moment more, we linger.


As a busy mom with so much to do,

Sometimes all I see are the toys on the floor

But then I walk by

the windows up high

And the view captures me, and I linger.


In the mornings, I spend alone time with God and drink a glass of cocoa

And as I fellowship with Him, the taker of my sins,

Life is full of sweetness, and I linger


(Poem by me, please share with credit)


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photo credit: hehaden via photopin cc


9 thoughts on “And I Linger…

  1. Hi Melissa, I came across this 5 minute Friday post through a series of links. I wondered who I would have to encourage if I wrote a 5 minute Bloom post, so I read your poem. Seeing as nobody has come after you to encourage you, I thought I would do it anyway. I love the idea of lingering in the midst of a busy day to recognize and be grateful for the things of eternal value. Without mentioning stopping to smell the roses, that’s what you mean, and you’ve given those roses human faces and brought it into a realm that all of us can understand. Thank you, and God bless you.

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