You Have Too Many Children to Give Them What They Need – a repost from Generation Cedar

When I get the time, I enjoy stopping in at Generation Cedar to read Kelly Crawford’s latest posts. Her most recent, “You Have Too Many Children to Give Them What They Need“, is (as usual) very forthright and on topic with so much I see and hear in society today. I wish I could be so articulate to say the same things! So, here are some excerpts to give you a taste and I hope you will click over and read her full article.

This is a great preview into some upcoming posts on how I have had more to give, not less, as each child has come into our home and lives. You would think a parent would be spread more thin, having more children, but the opposite is true when we give children what they need

Be sure to come back again to see what I have grown to have more of to give with each child added to our family. Until then, here’s some wisdom from Mrs. Crawford…


Somewhere along the line, we created an imaginary set of rules about what kids need for healthy development and if you’ll listen closely, you’ll hear it: “To love my children is to buy them things.” Suffice it to say, if love equals providing material comforts, American children are the most well-loved children in the world. Ironically, they also suffer the most from narcissism, ingratitude, and a grandiose sense of entitlement.


I’ve been asked, outright, how I could possibly give each child “what they need” since I have far more children than the average family. But the question I ask is, “What do you mean by ‘what they need?’ ”


But usually the people who ask me such questions have two parents working outside the home and their children are in school. With homework and school functions considered, that means parents and children are spending an average of (studies indicate) 36 minutes during a weekday together, and 7 out of 10 admit that time is mostly spent watching t.v.


The god of consumerism hates children because “too many children” curb our spending.


Read more here to find out what Kelly, mom of 10 children, has to say about what children really need.

Here’s what children need, whether you have 1 or 20.

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