Postpartum Letters From a Mother of Four

I am a mother of four children between two months and six years old.  Life in our home is very full.  May I share with you a glimpse of that fullness?  Perhaps you may be encouraged, inspired or reminded to treasure the fullness God has for you as well.  These are the thoughts of a mother freshly delivered into motherhood for the fourth time, still postpartum.


Two months ago, God delivered a baby girl into my arms.  She is my third daughter.  It has been on my heart every day to write a little bit of something during this amazingly intimate, yet fleeting, time of my life as I transition from mothering this child in my womb to mothering her with my very hands.

I will be sharing with you short, personal notes, often written and laid on my nightstand before sleep.  I suppose, in a way, I wish I could be writing these to my “younger self”.  Since I cannot, I am writing them to you and to my own daughters.  May your postpartum days be treasured.

December 16, 2014 ~ seven days postpartum


Take the time.

Breastfeed longer than necessary.  Breastfeed again after changing the baby’s diaper.  Linger when you hold her to your chest to burp her; feel her soft skin and hair rub along your cheek and lips.  Hold her awhile.  Treasure this time with her of intimate bonding created for you and this child of your womb.  It is miraculous: childbirth.

Gaze at her indefinitely.  Your heart and mind are studying this new, beautiful creation as you touch her, kiss her, and look upon the details of her form.  We mothers soak this up.  And if you aren’t yet, you ought to.

Take the time.

God bless you ~

2 thoughts on “Postpartum Letters From a Mother of Four

  1. What a wonderful way to remember those precious details of your new little young one! My baby is 22 now, so the memories of that time are pretty much faded. Following you over at Mama Moments link-up!

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