Breaking The Proverbial Ice

Dear Readers,

Some of you will be surprised after my long hiatus from blogging to receive this in your e-mail inbox, others will be stopping by for the first time.  Either way, I’m glad you are here!

Now that my youngest addition to the family is just over a year old, life hasn’t really slowed down at all, but it is different, and blogging does give me an outlet I enjoy.  I like to write and have a passion for sharing encouragement and resources that have been a blessing and help to our own lives.  Real life is great.  Won’t you come back and join us again?

I’m a woman, so I have a lot to talk about.  Here are just a few highlights of what our family has been up to so far this year I can hardly wait to tell you about…

  • We started a cottage industry.
  • We have already begun harvesting lettuces, kale, salad turnips, radishes, and pac choy from our no-till garden.  This is just our second season doing no-till, and we are planning to triple our garden area.
  • In gardening I have a lot of firsts and experiments, primarily succession planting and trying out a number of brassicae varieties.  I didn’t grow up “putting food by”, but this year it’s a goal to store up as much of our bounty as possible by cool-storage, freezing, drying, and canning.
  • Practicing rotational grazing with our ducks, chickens, goats and foraging swine.
  • Homeschooling.  I am happy to have found my rhythm teaching math daily to our nine- and seven-year-olds!
  • De-cluttering and simplifying.
  • Growing in love and respect, and seeking God to mature me into a Godly woman.
  • Out of a desperate desire to hear my Shepherd’s voice from the many voices that abound, I began a 90-day Bible read through less than two weeks ago.

May your day be blessed!

From the sweet and humble homestead,