A Farmer by my own Definition

The farmer poem

It’s knowing there are other people who value hard work that gives me motivation when I need it. Continue reading

Whiter than Snow

“Wash me and I shall be whiter than snow.”  Psalm 51:7


I awoke at midnight from pain in my stomach and hips, being stricken with a large uterine fibroid and an acute illness of some kind.  Having fallen asleep when the outside temperature was 37º with rain clouds, the soft silence drew me for a curious look.  In the faint lamplights I could see all was lighter in color than usual.  Arousing, I turned on the outside light to see pure white snow falling thickly, blanketing everything in its path.

We don’t typically get snow.  Joyfully, I woke my eldest two children (the ones likely to fall back asleep) and showed them the glorious sight. Continue reading

How I Do It All

This post was originally written in March 2014.  Now that I am actively blogging, I have decided to post it.  My children are now five in number and 9-1 in ages, and I have indeed continued in the lesson from that week without my husband.

IMG_0456 copy5

Easter 2014

This post is likely not what you think when you read the title, and I hope that will be a refreshing revelation to you.

For a whole week my husband had to be away from us right at the beginning of our Spring planting.  All of the chores and other areas of teamwork that were normally carried out by my husband had befallen me, and it was a great, eye-opening experience for me.  I learned quickly, in the first couple of days, that I had slowly grown to put off a lot of things until my husband would come home in the evenings or be available on the weekends.  Continue reading

A Beautiful Day


It was a beautiful day here in the Pacific Northwest. Continue reading