A Farmer by my own Definition

The farmer poem

It’s knowing there are other people who value hard work that gives me motivation when I need it.

I don’t shear sheep, I don’t even have sheep.  And we haven’t eaten meat off our own land, yet.  We have a garden, baby fruit trees, chickens for eggs, and goats who supply us plentifully with milk.  There are lawns that need mowing it seems 24/7 and weeds that grow faster than corn.  Our land is growing, and growing some more with three children under six and one on the way.  It’s not easy getting up and having things that need to be done (feeding, watering and milking in the early morning hours).

We’ve only had this land for three years, so our homesteading is just breaking ground, but I feel the plow going full-steam ahead.  We are constantly busy with life building this house, this home, this land God has given us.  I know there are others who do so much more, producing all they need and more, but we started below zero and I tell you, somehow, it’s coming along quickly!

As far as I’m concerned, I’m a farmer…

On my two little acres with a 100 year old house and the dirt always under my nails.

With three little children who wear grass, well water and a layer of dirt at the end of the day.  Who have never not known where there food comes from, asking “mommy, are those fresh dead pigs?” as we pass the ham in the store.  They know milk comes from goats (or cows), eggs come from chickens, and birth and death are a part of life.  None of it is scary or strange or odd, this is life and I don’t know about you, but I think they are farmers…


Another post from 2014 that I’m just now posting as I gain confidence in blogging thanks to my amazing husband.  Stay tuned for recent updates on our journey!

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