Discernment Ministries

I don’t remember a time growing up when my parents were light on shepherding us in discernment.  That doesn’t mean they were constantly discerning but that it was a serious enough part of our living that it stood out to me and I picked up on it.  As a grown woman, I continue to grow in discernment, and discernment continues to be an area in which I purpose to be steadfast.

I would like to provide a list of a few ministries that I have thus far known to be valuable in discerning the truth and lies amongst authors, leaders, individuals, and media.  I cannot read every article on any site, please remember that!  If you find something unscriptural on one of the sites listed below, please bring it to my attention!

I urge every person to practice discernment.  It is our duty to be watchful, comparing all things to Scripture, whether we are “gifted” or not.

When looking at, listening to, or reading anything–including this website, the ones below, and even the books in your church’s libraryplease exercise discernment!

The List

  • Kjos Ministries @ www.crossroad.to  and www.shepherd.to – Berit Kjos has reviews of just about every type.  Mrs. Kjos is also an author.  This site has been on my favorites as a go-to for over a decade, since the time when my mother was teaching me how to do my own research.
  • Sola Sisters
  • Watchman Fellowship (not to be confused with The Watchtower Society of Jehovah’s Witnesses) – This site puts out very cautionary periodicals and even has an index of cults and religions.
  • Tim Challies – I have found helpful a number of Mr. Challies’ book reviews

If you have any discernment resources to recommend, please send them to me!

In Christ,


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