Nursing Little Ones Through Illness – The Best Days of My Life

•  One week ago today, I was rocking my very sick baby sleeping peacefully though hot with fever.
•  Six days ago, I quickly walked my 3-year-old son out the sunroom door to the grass where he let out the sickness that just hit him.
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Children – All That They Are Cracked Up To Be?

Friday afternoon, my two eldest children stayed home with daddy while baby and I went to an appointment in town.  After my appointment, I thought I would stop at one store in the mall to look for a specific item–in and out.  While on the out, I passed by the check-out counter and overheard a customer rather loudly saying “I have four kids; they are NOT all that they are cracked up to be!”.  My heart gasped.

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The Newbie Homesteader

I’m thankful I’ve mastered the art of milking goats so that’s one less thing I have to learn.  I love learning new things, but there’s something about springtime on a farm that makes me feel like there’s just not enough time for everything.  It’s the season of “hurry up” before the “wait”.  Continue reading

Story Time Favorites: Great Books for Little Listeners

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We are very enthusiastic about books and reading in our home, and we don’t read just any book that comes along. Continue reading

How to Build a Strong Christian Home – ebook – get a FREE copy this hour!


I will just come out and make it plain:  I am posting about this e-book because I will get a free copy if I do so.  You can see the details on A Wise Woman Builds Her Home and maybe even get a facebook post, tweet, pinterest thingy, or blogpost posted in time to get a free copy for yourself too! 

mombutton1I have not read the e-book, so I cannot recommend it with that much knowledge.  However, I have been a long-time visitor of the author’s blog and have found numerous articles and resources valuable and beneficial.

It is my daily prayer to grow into the Proverbs 14:1 woman who builds her house.  And as this is the focus of Mrs. Fuentes’ blog, I am very interested to see what wisdom she has to share in her new ebook How to Build a Strong Christian Home.

Have you read the book?  I would love to hear your comments and reviews!


Five-Minute Friday

Lisa-Jo Baker’s prompt was the word “small”.  Being a mother of three, I almost need to say “don’t get me started on the word small!”  I have too many blessings in small packages to name!  I will try to restrain myself =)

I’m staying up late just to write this post.  I figure it’s better to stay up Thursday night than to stare at a screen for five minutes Friday morning when my kids are awake.  Five minutes might seem like small potatoes to us grown-ups, but to the five-and-under crowd, it’s all about the small things…

Staying up late the night before Valentine’s to cut out red paper hearts to surprise my daughter.  I scrounged up some old ribbon (from someone’s bridal shower) and tiny play clothes-pins (from another’s baby shower before any of mine were even a pea in the pod).  Then I found some thumb tacks and hung the long strands of love-cut hearts in the two archways of our home.  Princess woke up early, beaming.

Daddy took princess out to dinner on Valentine’s Day.  I wish I could have caught on camera her bashful, beaming smile when she saw the dress shirt and pants I handed to daddy, which he only wore on very special occasions.

I remembered Rachel Jankovic’s words, and my purpose for this blog… heavy branches.  Bearing fruit.  Even if that means staying up all night cutting out paper hearts.  Doing little (or majorly time-consuming) things to bless others.

Small gestures with big thoughts behind them.

Small things like making bread.  My daughter’s been asking for weeks “When will we make bread?”  But I haven’t made any in so long, I had forgotten that it’s really not that big of a burden.  In fact, I noticed something the day we made bread together, and I stopped to think about it the next time we made bread together just a few days later.  My children sit patiently and wait, regardless of how long it takes me to prep, when they know I’m going to do one small thing that they have really been wanting to do.

So I have a challenge for you–something I began over a year ago and have been inconsistent about myself since but will tomorrow morning pick back up again.  Print out this month’s calendar, and next month’s calendar (and so on), and each day purpose to fill in one small thing (or one big thing!) that you did to make that day worthwhile.  Granted, loving, feeding, and caring for your family makes the day worthwhile, but I’m talking about that little extra thing.  My old calendar has things like, “let kids stay up to see stars”, “had a picnic in the grass”, “met daddy for lunch”, and “read books together”.

Speaking of small, how can such a small, eight-month-old person have such a big voice?

And how can that same, small person have such a big impact on my life?

And how can a small, three-year-old boy, have so much love for God?  “Mommy, when will I go to heaven?” “Why do you want to go to heaven?” “because I love God”

Happy Friday!

Five Minute Friday

The Discouraging Wife’s Role in The Torment and Testing of Job

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For convenience, I’m writing this post with the assumption that my audience has a basic understanding of who Job is and where to find the book of Job in the Holy Bible.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I would love to help.  Please send me an e-mail!

Every Saturday, my husband and I participate in a fellowship group at my friend’s house where we share a meal and discuss Scripture.  A few weeks ago, we were reading through the book of Job together. Continue reading

Tuesday Links

My Tuesdays are on-the-go busy, with Bible study from 9-11am and then ballet classes (I teach in the gym at our church) from 3:00-5:00.  And we’re 15 minutes from town, so driving back and forth with children 5 and under does tend to make me tired by the end of the day and not leave much time in-between for blogging.

So today I’m just sharing what others took the time to write–links that I remembered after looking at them!

I know Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and I’m sharing this now on purpose.  Love is every day.  That’s the point: Real Love   and   When You Think Your Love Story is Boring

Kelly Crawford, a former high school teacher turned homeschool mom of nine wrote “An Open Letter of Apology to My Former High School Student

Have a great Tuesday!

Romance Your Man With Minestrone (Easy!)

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Valentines Day is approaching, and if you are planning a date night at home, or you would really like to plan a date night, period, a delicious and easy-to-make recipe is a must! Continue reading

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